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Diversity Programs & Networks

We have made a commitment to building a culture that provides opportunities for employees of all nationalities, races, genders and educational backgrounds. We believe that diversity fosters creativity, innovation and thought leadership through the infusion of new ideas and perspectives.

Our diversity is built upon solid partnerships.

The Jefferies Women’s Initiative Network (jWIN) is an employee-led affinity group that provides resources and networking opportunities to improve the experience, development and connectivity of women at Jefferies, increase the female presence at all levels of the firm, and foster the advancement of women at the firm.

Jefferies understands the need to cultivate a community of engaged diverse employees across the firm. As a result, Jefferies’ Network of Black and Latino Employees (J-NOBLE) was established in 2018 with the mandate to help foster an inclusive, diverse working environment with a focus on equitable treatment and an enhanced workplace for both Black and Latino women and men at Jefferies. J-NOBLE is focused on the following four pillars: Recruiting, Retention, and Career Development; Networking; Mentoring; and Community Outreach.

Urban Leadership Fellows Program - This organization is committed to introducing graduating NYC public and parochial high school seniors to the finance industry through paid internships, mentoring and training.