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Cash Equities

Equities has been the core of Jefferies for over 55 years. Our experienced sales and trading professionals deliver high-touch services to help clients develop investing strategies and execute stock transactions in exchanges across the globe. We act as agent, principal or market maker to provide clients with high execution quality in varying liquidity situations. Jefferies U.S. Cash Equities has been ranked #1 in High-Touch Sales Trader Capabilities with Investment Managers, #1 in Trading for Small and Mid-Cap Equities, #3 in Research Sales capabilities with Investment Managers, #4 in Research Sales capabilities according to a 2018 Greenwich Associates Report.


New York
Research Sales:
+1 212 323 3336

Sales Trading:
+1 800 322 3242

Cash Trading:
+1 212 323 7520

General Line:
+44 207 898 7077 

+44 207 878 7070

+44 207 029 8400

Hong Kong
+852 3743-8000